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We now carry 3mil and 5mil film! You can select it during your stencil build process.

HackRF One Users:

Many of you have e-mailed us about producing stencils for your recent HackRF One Kickstarter boards, but have been having difficulty finding the files to upload. So we have assembled a file for you here: HackRF One Stencil Build 04-01-14. Just download this file, then upload it to our system. You can customize the rest from there.

Many of you may have seen the acrylic case we provided for HackRF found on this page: HackRF Acrylic Case

These are available for sale as well, just send us an e-mail to request one. This is a product offering that will be coming very soon, as we are finalizing the new website in preparation for that service launching. Check back soon!

We are a proto PCB solder paste stencil maker founded by do-it-yourself engineers who were continually burdened by the high costs of low volume PCB solder stencils; so we came up with a better way to serve the needs of the community at a price that doesn't break the bank. We are quickly becoming recognized as the home of the $5 PCB stencils!

Our advanced render engine will allow you to upload your design, view it in a jig, and get a visual feel of exactly what your pcb stencil will look like and how it will fit your application. We also support custom engraving on your stencil border so you can put text, logos, or whatever you like there to easily identify your stencils.

Our stencils are made from high quality durable Polyimide. Although we only recommend 75-100 uses per stencil, members in the community have done as many as 300+ boards with a single solder stencil, utilizing proper care. Just press Upload to get your solder stencil started!

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Examples of our work: Stencil by OSH Stencils (All 0402 and a .5mm pitch IC)